The Mission

Quentin and SeanThe North Queensland Elite Rodeo has come about due to the passion of two guys, Quentin Kersh of Alice River and Sean Dunagan of Oregon, United States. Sean, a life long family friend of the Kersh family, is a Rancher and fence builder in the states. They set about wanting to design a world class rodeo arena 7 years ago and along with Quentin’s team of men and input from many Australian and American friends who have helped to fine tune the design we believe we have created what we set about doing. The construction of this world class facility has been continuing since last August withe the Hill being extended an awesome VIP Area being built we will again be bringing something unique to North Queensland with our Elite Rodeo in August.
The same as last year the event is invitational only.We will have the very best athletes against the very best animals in the country. Our goal is not only to put on one of the greatest competitions for spectators, but to also show junior and emerging rodeo stars that there is a pathway for this great sport.
Quentin’s aim for holding this event is to create an avenue for the up and coming rodeo stars and a good portion of the revenue from this event will be used towards promotion of rodeoing and development to help kids progress to the top of their game. Something that is lacking compared to many other sports. In the months since our first Rodeo we have been happy to have many Cowboys, young and old, spend time at the Arena learning how to Rope and Steer Wrestle. Which is exactly what we were hoping to create by building this Arena.